• A Guarantor is necessary to secure a property. The guarantor agrees to the same terms of the tenancy and takes responsibility for any payments that the named tenant defaults with.
  • When a Landlord is placing a property on the market, a very important step is to ensure that the tenant will have a proven track record of paying their bills. This is usually proven by checking the credit score of the individual who wants to rent out the property. With students, this is difficult to do as they will most likely not be in full-time employment. Therefore, a landlord must request a UK guarantor who is in full time employment and will be able to give the Landlord the reassurance that he/she needs.
  • With students, the guarantor is usually a parent.

    Who can be my guarantor?

  • All guarantors must have a consistence form of income via a job or proof of investment, pension or other means of income. They must also be in the possession of UK identification which is within it's expiry date. If they do not hold a UK passport, they must provide a form of proof of UK residency along with a drivers license. 

    I have a confirmed guarantor. Now what?

  • Once a future tenant has  their guarantor in mind, we will send you a link or document to fill in the guarantor's details and provide the correct forms of identification. The guarantor form can also be accessed HERE.