1.) Is House Hunt open on weekends?

Yes House Hunt is open on Saturdays during busy periods 11.00am- 4.00pm. The team is more than happy to help.


2.) As a tenant, what will be my main responsibilities?

As a tenant you are responsible for ensuring utility bills (water, electricity, gas, TV license and internet) and rent is paid for as and when agreed. The bills should be relocated to the tenants name when they move in to the house. If a joint tenancy was agreed to then all bills/rent will be divided equally between the number of tenants. Each tenant will be equally responsible for any unpaid bills/rent and may incur a fee for delayed payments.

Apart from this tenants are responsible for reporting any damage or repair needed to the property as soon as possible.


3.) As a full time student, do I have to pay council tax?

Students are exempt from council tax provided that all residents are full time students and have given the council office a copy of their tenancy and student certificate.


4.) Once I have decided on a property, what is the next step?

The next step will be to secure your property through a very easy and simple process. You will need to fill in a Student Application form along with 2 forms of ID (your student ID card and a passport/driving license/provisional). Also needed is a copy of your Guarantors ID, the Guarantor Form and finally the security deposit. Once all the paperwork and payments have been given you can sign the contract for your property. For a detailed process please refer to the process page.


5.) Can I extend or decrease my tenancy agreement after I have signed the contract?

Extend: Yes, it is possible for you to extend your contract provided it is not already let for the following year. However you will have to let the landlord/House Hunt know as soon as possible, the latest is 2 months before the tenancy ends.

Decrease: No, the tenancy agreement will last a set period of time. During this time neither you nor the landlord/House Hunt can end the tenancy unless there has been a breach of contract terms.


6.) Are there any additional fees in relation to signing up for a tenancy or expiry of tenancy?

As of 1st June 2019 a one off non-refundable Administration fee (payable when reserving a property) is applied at £0.00 per person for a joint tenancy that covers all legal documentation/checks & administration for the full securement of the respective property.) 

If a rental/additional payment is made after your fixed term AST expires. A fee of £30.00 will be applied which will be deducted of the balance to be refunded. Please contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.k if you require further information. 

7.) What is the process of moving in/out of the property?

Moving in: The day you come to collect your keys you will receive a 'Moving In' booklet providing you with all the necessary information about your property. This booklet should be referred to by all tenants so that each person is aware of the procedures of House Hunt. On the actual day you move in, a member of staff will show you around the house and how appliances work. Also a check in report will be conducted proving the current state of the property.


Moving out: You will be given a 'End of Tenancy' booklet two weeks before your contract expires stating what is expected from you and the property before you leave. Tenants must abide by this booklet to ensure security deposits are not deducted. A member of staff will conduct a check out report 24 hours before you vacate the property.


8.) Do I have to pay a deposit and is this amount refundable?

Yes, a security deposit is required in case of any damage or misuse of the property. The deposit is usually equivalent to 1 months rent, however this does depend on the landlord. The deposit is collected upon signing the contract and is returned less any charges at the end of the tenancy. Your deposit is kept in a government protected scheme called My Deposits. You can look these up at www.mydeposits.co.uk. At the end of the tenancy the deposit is returned so long as ALL terms in the contract are met.


9.) Can we sign for a property with an incomplete group?

Yes, if there are exceptional reasons that did not allow all your group to sign (e.g. they are currently abroad) then we would need at least 50 % of the group to be able to sign. However if you do not have a complete group then a house share would need to be considered.


10.) How can I pay for my rent?

The normal method we use to collect rental payments is via bank transfer. We would expect all tenants to set up a standing order as this has proved to be the easiest method. Details about a standing order will be given to you once you have signed for your property. In exceptional circumstances other payment methods can be organised however you would need to tell us beforehand.