Guarantor Application

    Please Note! before you start to complete this application form you need to make sure you have your passport at hand and is ready to upload (PDF or JPEG).

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    The Landlord/Agent: House Hunt Ltd of 550 Bristol Road, Birmingham, B29 6BD

    Personal Details of Guarantor

  2. Guarantors Employment Details

  3. If Self Employed


    In consideration of you agreeing to grant a tenancy for the premises known as (property address)

  5. I hereby agree to be answerable to House Hunt Ltd/Landlord for any and all rent reserved by the tenancy agreement which the above named person (The Tenant) shall be liable to pay to House Hunt Ltd/Landlord. I shall also be answerable to House Hunt Ltd /Landlord for any other duty under the tenancy agreement for which the Tenant shall be liable. I agree for House Hunt Ltd/Landlord to carry out any necessary credit/referencing checks.

    Any information provided to House Hunt Ltd is used in relevance to any current/potential tenancy you may be involved in with us. We hold on to your personal data whilst you use our services (or whilst we provide services connected to you) and for at least 5 years thereafter from the date it was provided, for legal, regulatory and accounting purposes.

    If you are a current/potential guarantor your data may also be provided to third parties such as (contractors, council, utility suppliers, landlord or any other party relevant to your tenancy solely for communication purposes) should you not wish for your details to be shared to (contractors, council, utility suppliers) we will simply require written communication.

    If you wish for us to terminate the holding of your data at any period of time, simply let us in writing and we will do so. This will terminate any communication of services we can offer you. Your data is stored safely and securely with House Hunt Ltd. Upon signing this agreement, you are confirming you have read, understood and have accepted our privacy policy with you.

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  7. NOTES TO THE GUARANTOR A guarantor is required by each person who signs the Tenancy Agreement. This is a condition of tenancy. As each tenant has a guarantor, you will be guaranteeing payment of rent and the condition of the property for the person/prospective tenant named on this form.

    NOTE TO TENANT Please be aware we may contact your guarantor to confirm they understand their part in guaranteeing your tenancy.

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