Welcome to your new home, we hope you have settled in well and you are getting used to the new surroundings.

Please ensure you have read and understood all aspects of the moving in protocols by clicking here which would have been sent to you before your move in date.  

Now that you have moved in there are certain protocols which must be maintained such as cleaning and general upkeep which is beneficial for both landlord and tenant.  

Your property has been professionally cleaned and inspected for any maintenance concerns before your move in to ensure that the property is fit for habitation.  Invoices are available to showcase the property being professionally cleaned should you require this.

As you are aware there are 100’s of properties being made ready over the course of 24 hours, it is always possible that anyone, be it a cleaner or inventory clerk no matter how good they are - can sometimes miss something.

It is therefore imperative that should there be any cleaning related issues, this must be brought to our attention via email within 7 days of the start of your tenancy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Should we not hear from you than we will assume cleaning is in order and your landlord will expect the property back in the same condition it was found, further details can be found by clicking here.  

Any maintenance related issues must be brought forward to us via our online maintenance platform, further details can be found by clicking here.  

Once the maintenance issues have been carried out we aim to conduct the inventory of the property within 35 days from when keys are collected. The inventory assessment will fall 7 days after when keys are collected which will allow you to inspect the property and raise any concerns to us which we can deal with and rectify.

Once any niggling issues raised are rectified our designated team of inventory clerks will carry out the inventory report electronically which will be a detailed and a true understanding of the condition of the property and it’s contents, this report will then be sent over to the lead nominated tenant who collected the keys ONLY via email to check over with the other tenants (if a shared property). The lead tenant will then be required to e-sign the report and return back to us.  If there are any comments/images or additional points you would like to add or anything you don’t agree with simply edit the report in the allocated fields and send back to us, we will then review this with the landlord and be in touch with the outcome.

If the report is not signed within 7 days from receiving it, this will automatically lock out and the report which was originally provided will stand as the final signed report. As the lead tenant will be signing on behalf of the property, it is essential there is communication between tenants to ensure all tenants are happy with the report and findings.

We will notify you with a minimum of 48 hours notice before our designated team of inventory clerks plan to conduct the report, it is recommended a tenant is present at the time of assessment as this can fast track the completion as well as the tenant present can accompany the clerk during the assessment and any points can be discussed and clarified immediately.

If for any reason there are no tenants present, not to worry the process will be carried out electronically via email.

It is imperative that you understand and look over the report thoroughly and return it to us within the set time frame as it will be compared against a check out report at the end of your tenancy.

Click the below for more information;

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