We offer a flexible range of bills inclusive packages. These include:

Gas and Electric

We will set up and manage the gas and electricity supply and bills for the property on your behalf throughout the tenancy. It will be our responsibility to contact suppliers when necessary whilst regularly providing you with the information to make sure everyone is happy.

Please note that you will only pay for the Gas and Electricity that you use throughout the year and any under usage will be returned to the lead tenants bank account at the end of tenancy.



We will set up and manage the water usage and supply with Severn Trent. The water will be chargeable from the date your tenancy began up until the date it finishes.



Our Internet broadband provider is usually Virgin Media. Through using our service we provide you with the option of either 70mb, 150mb or 200mb fibre-optic broadband (as of 1st July 2016).


 TV licence

Please note a TV licence is required even if you are watching online via a laptop or computer. If you will be watching TV during your tenancy you will require a TV licence so simply select it as an option and we’ll do the rest for you. You only need one TV licence per household.

Contents Insurance 


We are partnered with Endsliegh Insurance for more information please click here

  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Trading Standards
  • DPS
  • NLA National Landlords Association
  • Midland Landlord